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This auto shop is IMPRESSIVE!! Our family trusts Carlos with our cars because he has taken such good care of Lois, our ’65 Mustang GT. Carlos is the “car whisperer” He runs tests, finds out the issue that the car is having, and fixes them. It’s as simple as that. you know when you take your car to a shop that has good reviews? But they fail to deliver?? You won’t get that at this shop. Carlos gets to the root of the problem and fixes what needs to be done. If their are other underlying issues that you aren’t aware of then Carlos will tell you and fix those as well. Is Carlos cheap? by all means no, but if you want quality work and your car to be fixed then price shouldn’t matter. Cars should be safe and reliable and taken care of. Carlos also treats your car like it is his own, our family appreciates that about him. Carlos is excellent with communication… If you have any questions he answers them, he is really thorough and honest. Our Lois hasn’t been this happy or fun to drive in a long time!! Thanks to Carlos I’ve been taking her out a few times a week. I am just over the moon with his work.

Jennifer D. Pleasant Hill, CA

I had a check engine light on for over 3 months and I had exhausted all possibilities I took it to over three different shops without any end to this problem in sight, I finally broke down and took it into Carlos and he said it would be $390 just for the diagnosis!?! Needless to say I wasn’t happy to hear this since I have already fixed the problems that the code was telling me. I took a moment to decide but since this car is my pride and joy (black 350Z 2008 nismo edition) I had no choice but to find what the actual problem was. To make a long story a bit shorter let’s just say it was a wise investment in Carlos and his team!
They found a few problems that other mechanics were unable or unwilling to find, fist of all the back O2 sensors needed replacing (as i thought would be ther case) as well as both catalytic converters, as well as a lot of other small wiring and other problems that were causing the car to not run or communicate properly. This was not a cheap or quick fix but Carlos made me feel at ease by explaining exactly where the problem lies and what the solution to that problem is, and this could not be done by the 3 other best mechanics that I’ve been doing business with.
I can’t recommend this shop enuf, for big or small problems talk to Carlos first before you waste your money at another shop!

Jacob K. Martinez, CA

Carlos and Doug successfully tracked down a random and difficult electrical short in my 2002 Xterra. The short was created by Fry’s when they installed my stereo last year. Fry’s decided to run the stereo wires outside of the dedicated wire channel back to the rear camera, which over time wore out against the body and started shorting out my external rear lights.
I have a degree in electrical engineering and it is never an easy task to pinpoint a random short in a system filled with numerous wires that require resistance.
Carlos and Doug completely cleaned up the wiring, soldered, used heat shrink wraps, and performed a preventative maintenance on my battery and it’s cables.
They guarantee their work for 2 years and I cannot recommend them highly enough

Rob N. Concord, CA

Carlos tackled a mysterious problem that three other shops failed to resolve. A modest trickle drainage of the charge of my 1996 Toyota Landcruiser battery led to persistent problems starting the car in the rainy season each year. It was made more difficult to detect in the drought years, and would only crop up with rain events, and could not be simulated artificially. He tracked down multiple small sources, including a malfunction of an electronic control device managing multifunction operations well otherwise…  I couldn’t imagine taking such problems to anyone else! His patience and perseverance are stellar! He’s our go-to problem solver we recommend whole heartedly!

Mike H. Orinda, CA

Issue- 2009 Tiguan AWD making a horrible screeching noise when idling.  It sounded like a bad bearing on the alternator or water pump.  I had taken my car to another shop, which diagnosed the problem as being my oil deflector (expensive PCV valve) but said they could not repair, as the part could only be purchased through the dealership.  As the dealership couldn’t take my car until the next day, I went to Auto Electric.

I dealt only with Hans. He was very polite and personable.   Hans told me they could change the part and had it in stock.  They did change the part, which solved the problem.

The only con to this situation is that the shop also recommended another $2300 worth of repairs to fix the diagnostics on the intake system that appeared.  The diagnostics all disappeared after the oil deflector was changed, so I’m not sure if these were good recommendations, or not.   They also declined to waive the $150 diagnostic fee as originally stated, but said they would waive it later if I had them repair the intake system problem.

Possibly I have some underlying problems that still need to be addressed, but as of now the car is running well.   So – problem solved, but could have spent a great deal more money than necessary?   Or, possibly I didn’t repair everything that needs to be repaired.  I don’t know, but will follow up!

Warren H. San Francisco, CA

Great service!! Highly recommended + excellent customer service. Thanks again Doug and Carlos.

Mona W. Hayward, CA

My family has been taking our vehicles to Auto Electric and Fuel for over 20 years. I took my truck in to have them assess what work needed to be done on my Silverado based on a report I received from a Chevy dealership. Carlos was amazing in answering all my questions and checking into every aspect with full detail and informing me what needed to be fixed now, what could wait, and what did not need to be fixed. Carlos and his crew were quick in diagnosing and fixing the issues that needed to be taken care of, in an honest and authentic way. I felt comfortable the entire time and was never pressured into making any decisions. Now I have my truck back and it is running amazing! Thank you.

Trey M. Woodland Hills, CA

Hans and Doug are incredibly helpful and courteous.  They fixed my car in a speedy fashion and gave me personal care and service.  I will continue to take my vehicles there and will recommend them to all my friends and family.  Outstanding business people!!!

Kelly P. Pleasant Hill, CA

The shop is great! Hans is an amazing service writing. My car is always perfect after service or when it’s broke. I never have to come back twice

Sonja B. Livermore, CA

Hans has been my go to guy for auto/truck problems.  He gives great advice and service.
P.S. he also gave great hugs on a particularly difficult day!
Carol Sue

Carol T. Concord, CA

Our son gave us back the car we gave him when he was in college, a 2000 Volvo V70.  Car was having weird electrical problems when we got it back from him that caused the battery to die every few days.  We tried a different shop that could not find the cause of this issue so a friend referred us to Hans at Auto Electric & Fuel.

They thoroughly tested our car & determined this issues were with the Alternator & the current battery.  After replacing both items Hans suggested we keep a testing tool on the battery for a few weeks to make sure all would stay OK.  We actually kept it for about 6 weeks & then feeling we had the problem solved we took the car back so they could remove the tool.

Car is running great now.  Despite being 16 years old it drives like new & is now super reliable.  Kudos to Hans & his crew for allowing us to keep our car on the road.  If you run into a problem that someone else cannot solve take it here or better yet, go see them first them first.

Ed K. Lafayette, CA

I don’t write many reviews, but I had to in this case. Words can’t really express how pleased I am with the service I received from the whole team at Auto Fuel and Electric! I wanted to do a major refurbish on my 95 Camry. I love the car and wanted to keep it as long as possible. I was also on a time table to get it done. Once Doug, Hans & Aki got the vehicle evaluated, it turned out to be a great deal more work than we originally planned. Despite that, they did everything I requested (And believe me, that was alot!) and finished on time. I know they all put in a bunch of overtime to make sure I hit the road on time for the trip I had planned! The car runs and rides like new and my wife and I couldn’t be happier! I would definitely recommend them for any of your car care needs! Thanks guys!

Mark M. Denver, CO

We have a reliable mechanic we have been going to for years, but he doesn’t offer smog services. I found this business on yelp. I spoke to Hans on the phone and made an appointment. He was very polite and professional. My husband is the one who took the car in. I asked him what he thought and his response was that Hans was very polite and professional. He also said that the service was very punctual. We will be going back next year if we need another smog check.

Mitra W. Concord, CA

***10 Star Review*****
Hans and the team at Auto Electric and Fuel are absolutely amazing!  I have dealt with many auto shops in the past, but there are some things that set them apart:
1) Integrity-They won’t rip you off
2) Honest with their estimates-See #1 also
3) Don’t make you feel like you are an inconvenience
4) Hans followed up after my last visit to make sure everything was okay!! Almost no one does that nowadays.
5)  Hans works to keep my bill as low as possible-I appreciate that
6) I don’t know why you would go anywhere else….

Gary F. Walnut Creek, CA

I was referred to this shop by Big O Tires, which had trouble getting my son’s car to start, saying there was a battery drain. But Auto Electric and Fuel, after an expensive diagnostics test, found it WAS the battery. They replaced it, along with the battery fuse box. While Hans, the owner, is personable and professional, I felt that $709 was a bit steep for the work done. That bill was divided equally between parts and labor. In sum: Excellent work on diagnosing electrical systems, but you’ll pay for it.

Calif C. Clayton, CA

I took my car in for service. What a great experience Hans was helpful and answered all of my questions. I really fell comfortable there. I would definitely take my car back for regular service.

Cindy N. Concord, CA

These guys are professionals. Their technicians well trained, very knowledgeable and use state of the art diagnostic equipment. I have a vintage car that has had numerous challenging electrical problems. Hans and his team did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem, kept me informed of their findings and repairing the problem. These guys are truly diagnosticians, not parts replacers.

Eric W. Concord, CA

I had a huge amount of repairs. On an old vehicle. I felt they were fair and honest. I swear even though I live so far away from them as far as repair services. I trust them enough for all my future repairs

Edward V. San Juan Capistrano, CA

An establishment does not receive a “5 star” rating from me without really proving themselves, and having consistently performed.  Auto Electric & Fuel does that, and more!

When your “front-line mechanic” is stumped, baffled, or otherwise at a impasse, AE&F is who they call.  Hans and his team are a staff of crack automotive commandos, dedicated to one mission – the healthy restoration of my auto’s functions. They will literally leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the final cause of the malfunction, utilizing equipment and tools that most outfits simply don’t think to use (or expense having on site).  Above all, they maintain outstanding, and I emphasis, OUTSTANDING communication throughout the entire process, providing – like a surgeon – a detailed narrative as to exactly how they diagnosed and plan to treat your automobile, plus talking to you like a person, taking the time to explain their methodology.  They have the heart of a teacher, and that is something I respect and greatly appreciate, from any service provider.

Now, being the Mayo Clinic of automotive repair means they are paid like the Mayo Clinic…  But, to paraphrase from Pulp Fiction – “when you drive away, you will know where the extra money went…”  I have, twice (for completely different problems in my older Jeep).  Ultimately, I save time and money by entrusted my auto care to Auto Electric & Fuel.

Thanks again, Hans and the crew at AE&F.  You have truly earned all five of these stars.

Christopher F. Herndon, VA

Hans and his team at Auto Electric And Fuel are extremely knowledgeable and make their customers feel confident in their abilities.. Hans has spent a lot of time with me explaining details which makes me feel confident in his advice. Thanks again Hans and the rest of the team at Auto Electric And Fuel. Keep up the good work.

R H. Concord, CA

I’ve been servicing my Honda here for years and have always been more than satisfied with the work and customer service. I can count on Auto Electric and Fuel to keep my car on the road safely.

Rachel L. Martinez, CA
Willie G. Pleasant Hill, CA

If you need a auto repair shop, the team at Auto Electric & Fuel is the place to go. I wrote a review last year and I felt compelled to write another one this year. I have a vehicle that had some insurance repairs done and I brought it to Auto Electric & Fuel today. They identified the issue quickly and fully explained the situation to me. Then they quickly worked with me to resolve it. Amazing service and professionalism.

This is the place to go when you want good auto service from a shop that stands behind their work.

Try it and you’ll see.

Casey S. Walnut Creek, CA

Not the cheapest shop out there, but if you want it done right this is your shop.  I’ve purposefully used other shops because of cost, but I always end up at auto electric.  They are so knowledgeable, they fix it right the first time.

Eric D. Martinez, CA

Took my not running ’65 Caddy to Hans and he and his crew did everything possible to bring it back to life.  Very thorough and makes you aware of every repair all along the way.  No, not cheap -but high quality work at realistic and reasonable prices.

Saul S. Concord, CA

Hans is thorough and kept me up to speed on each leg of the repair process.  I  recommend you going here first , there wil not be a need to go anywhere else

Louis B. South San Francisco, CA

I have a 1977 Datsun 280Z that was having troubles passing smog. I previously took it to 3 other places to have it repaired and no one was able to complete the work. I brought it to Auto Electric and Fuel and they were able to, not only get my car to pass, but the service was the best I have ever dealt with in the automotive industry!!! Hans is professional and extremely knowledgeable, and he explains what needs to be done thoroughly. I would HIGHLY recommend Auto Electric and Fuel if you need auto repairs done.

JoAnne C. Brentwood, CA

Real professionals you will not be disappointed. positive attitude and they know the cars inside and out A+.

Andy S. Woodland, CA

Excellent troubleshooting and repair, that extends to more than just electric and fuel.  Previous mechanics were unable to diagnose exhaust fumes coming into the cab of my ’03 Corvette.  I asked the Corvette parts store for a referral: they sent me to West Coast Mufflers in Concord who determined the problem was not in the exhaust system and referred me to Auto Electric & Fuel.  They were able to find the problem (a hose off the crankcase that leaked fumes into the engine compartment) and fix it.  They have a well-appointed shop, but it is hard to find and get to.  It appears they rely on word-of-mouth and excellent work to get customers.  That is the best marketing scheme, and why I am writing here.  Hans Hiller did a great job explaining everything.  “Honest mechanic” sounds like an oxymoron, but I believe these guys fit the bill.  A bit pricey, but probably a better deal than the dealer.

James B. San Francisco, CA

My car, a 2002 Avalon with 62,000 miles, developed a maddeningly sporadic but very dangerous condition that sprayed raw gas over the engine and sent gas fumes into the passenger compartment. Two previous shops, including a Toyota service department, could not find the source of the leak. Doug, Steve, and Chris at Auto Electric & Fuel spent a week patiently trying to replicate the problem, then they narrowed the possibilities and finally nailed the exact point of the leak (the dampener on the fuel rail). Every day they called with a status report and asked for approval before beginning each stage of the diagnosis and repair. I was always aware of the estimated cost to date and was thoroughly briefed on the technical details. In the end the repair cost a little over $700, most of which was for diagnostics. This was money well spent since I would have had to buy another car if they had been unable to fix it. I highly recommend Auto Electric & Fuel to anyone (women and men) whose car has an elusive or complex problem.

F N. Benicia, CA