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  • Doug is the owner of Auto Electric & Fuel. He became and Eagle Scout and started working on cars in a gas station in 1962.
  • Doug and his wife Carol live in Concord. Doug moved here in 1971. They have 6 children and one dog. The dog still lives at home. They also have 8 grandchildren.
  • Doug has completed over 20,000 hours of automotive training. He is certified as a master technician and teacher. Doug also has an other business called TecHelp and teaches other technicians in Northern California. He also contracts to teach at the local community colleges and through several auto parts and equipment companies.
  • Doug belongs to or is certified by many organizations such as:
  • - Automotive Service Association ASA
  • - Automotive Service Counsel ASC
  • - Automotive Service Excellence ASE
  • - California Auto Teachers
  • - Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
  • - California Certified Instructor
  • Doug’s goal is to provide the very best staff, in the very best shop, doing the very best work. If you experience does not meet Doug’s goal he wants to know, Call him directly at 888-747-8888 or E-Mail him @ Doug@Tec-Help.com.