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Concord Chevrolet Service & Repair

Concord Chevrolet Service & Repair | Auto Electric & Fuel

Chevrolet delivers. It has whipped out the fancy and fast Corvette as well as the family-friendly Suburban. In fact, Chevrolet has been producing a variety of vehicles to meet the differing needs of their customers for over 100 years. Yet, as reliable as your Chevrolet has been to you, we at Auto Electric and Fuel know that even a Chevy needs care.

From the time our doors opened in 1992 year, the Auto Electric and Fuel crew has been working to repair and service Chevy’s for the fine Chevy owners of Concord. It’s that kind of long-term experience that makes us confident to offer our specialized repair and maintenance services for all your Chevy needs.

If you own a Corvette, Camaro, Suburban, Tahoe, Malibu, Spark, Silverado, Impala, or other shiny (and yes, even not-so-shiny) Chevrolet automobiles, visit us at Auto Electric and Fuel so we can help your vehicle stay in top condition. We want to give you the kind of quality care and attention that your Chevrolet vehicle needs.

For quality Chevy repair and service in Concord, stop by Auto Electric and Fuel today!