• Toyota Ends Production of Scion - We Continue Scion Service and Repair

    Posted on 08, February, 2016

    Auto Electric and Fuel has been a Concord service and repair shop for Scion since 2003 – when it first went on sale in California – 13 years ago. Scion is a wonderful car - economical to own, and economical to operate.

    So it was with sadness that we received Toyota’s announcement that it will no longer produce Scions. Scion 2016 is the last model in the Scion product line.

    Toyota’s spokesman, in an interview, said that the decision to discontinue Scion was not taken lightly. Car industry analysts believe that low gasoline prices were a big reason for the decision - Scion was designed with fuel efficiency in mind, and when the price of gasoline fell, sales of the Scion followed that same downward trend.

    Now for the good news – Auto Electric and Fuel will continue to repair and service Scions. Our ASE certified technicians will take good care of your Scion. We do not anticipate any part shortages either - Toyota manufacturing prowess makes it easy to supply parts "on demand", and there are plenty of Scions out there to make it profitable for Toyota to continue parts support.

    So you can enjoy driving your car, knowing that Auto Electric and Fuel is ready to service and repair your Scion whenever the need arises. We are looking forward to seeing you and your car at the shop.