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  • As a kid he loved to take apart bikes and other things and reassemble them. Always curious about tools he visited friends automotive repair shops where he got a glimpse of how cars worked. Aki took High School Auto Shop where he completed both Auto 1 and Auto 2 in his Junior and Senior years . He was an apprentice in a Transmission Shop while in High School and later on was an apprentice in an Automotive Electrical shop where he learned to rebuild Alternators and Starters.

  • Aki's formal automotive training started when he attended the Skyline College Automotive Program in 1990. This two and a half year program allowed him to fine tune his automotive skills and allow him to start his automotive career of over 20 years. Aki was also the Vice President of the Auto Program where students were doing various off school property events. He ended his Automotive training in 1992. He worked for various auto repair shops in the Peninsula area, before he moved out to Contra Costa County. He currently resides in Concord with his family.

  • Still learning, he is currently enrolled in Tech Helps long term programs and has recently completed his Smog Program.  He has held various ASE certifications but  is looking forward to getting his Master Technician status shortly.Hans’ goal is to help the people he contacts understand the complexities and intricacies of automotive repairs.  If you have a problem with your car I want to know, most likely I can get the problem solved for you.